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I Am Who I Am

These resources are available to provide you and your family with support, bring awareness, acceptance, love and an understanding community.  

You are not alone.

If you or someone you know has food allergies and food related medical issues in the Chicagoland area; Lil's Dietary Shop has a comprehensive selection of foods, beverages, snacks and more for a wide range of medical and dietary needs.
You may learn more about them by clicking here

We love Saint Xavier University's Birth to Three Program for all children with special needs.
​You may contact them by e-mail: Kpeters@sxu.edu

The sources below you may click on for additional information. 

The National Association for Down Syndrome

Research Professor - Donna Hurley, PT, DPT

The Special Olympics

Legal Advice

Autism Q & A

Adult Down Syndrome Center

Special Needs Trust Q & A

Special Needs Alliance

Special Needs Services for School Aged Children

Toys Designed for Special Needs Children