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Our Executive Director, Holly Simon, is featured on WGN's podcasts with Patti Vasquez! 

Patti starts the show by discussing Holly Simon’s great group, I Am Who I Am! Then, Pretty Late favorites The Ska-Lers perform live in studio! Finally, we learn what it takes to get producer Craig to run up 45ish flights of stairs! All that and more on the Pretty Late Full Show Podcast!​
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Patti opens the show with Pretty Late pal James Vickery hanging out! Then, a new Pretty Late favorite, Holly Simon joins us to share information about her great organization. Later, it’s Tuesday which means it’s time for State Senator Dan Kotowski and It Oughta Be A Law. Finally, Patti and James tell some jokes! All that and more on the Pretty Late Full Show Podcast!​ Click here to listen.

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We've been featured in the news several times over the years

"Upward of 700 people are expected to attend the fundraiser for Holly Simon's foundation, I am who I am, which was launched by the Beverly mom in January 2012. The foundation distributes baby blankets to three area hospitals for children born with special needs.I am who I am also works with maternity doctors, nurses and medical staff to train them on how to communicate with parents, friends and family of newborns who arrive into the world a bit different."The main goal is to say, 'Congratulations on your beautiful baby!'" Simon said. Read the full DNA Info article here.

"Walk me through a day in your household.
Mornings come early: my youngest does not want to miss anything! He is excited about school. He started this new school three weeks ago and it has been so good for him. As we are eating breakfast and getting ready for school, we laugh and have a great time. This helps us leave on a positive note. Then I spend countless hours on the internet working on my initiative, I am Who I Am. I connect people together, I write, I call hospitals and talk to nurses and doctors. I am spreading the message: “Accept our new way of thinking”. I am not always at my computer though, I am also out and about networking. I’ll educate anyone who wants to listen. With the rise of differences, we need to change the way we view these children. We have a really long road ahead of us. I am on a mission to break down the preconceived ideas and stereotypes people have about Down Syndrome and/or a special needs condition."
Read the full Chicago Now Article here.

"There is no doubt, in his mother’s eyes, 10-year-old Nate Simon is indeed great.Nate was born with Down Syndrome, and the moment Nate’s mom, Holly Simon, held her son, she knew his life would be one to celebrate and treasure.“Within minutes, I whispered into Nate’s ears, ‘I will protect you, I will celebrate you, for the rest of my life,’ and it’s been a great journey ever since,” she said.But the doctors and nurses in the delivery room didn’t look at it the same way. Simon says when Nate came out, the room became silent and everything seemed to go dark.“The doctors and the nurses stopped their eye contact with me, and immediately I could hear their sorries,” Holly said." Read the entire WGN article here.

"Nine years ago, when Holly Simon’s son Nathaniel was born with Down Syndrome, she noticed an extreme quiet in the room.She remembers how doctors avoided looking at her directly. She remembers asking about her son, and not getting answers.Simon, already the mother of four children, knew even doctors and nurses got caught up in the excitement of a newborn. She knew how the joy of a new baby affected nearly everyone in the room after the birth. She knew the smiles. She knew the chatter. She knew the happiness.With Nate, however, there was no joy, celebration, or explanation, until her husband Dan quietly looked at her and said: “Hol, I think our child has Down Syndrome.”
Read the entire South Town Star article here.

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