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I Am Who I Am

We Celebrate Acceptance through Awareness

Celebrating the all new I am...bath and body product line.

I am...will allow our amazing children with all different special abilities the opportunity to label, package and sell these outstanding products.

I Am Who I Am - Get To Know ME!

I Am Who I Am

We want to continue to grow our organization and spread our message. Hosting an event with us if a wonderful way to encourage love and acceptance for all!

We want to celebrate all our children, accept the realities, and spread awareness of our message of acceptance. 

I AM Who I Am is in need of Corporate Sponsorships. If you, or someone you know, has the means to provide donations for our not-for-profit, it would be very appreciated. 

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I Am Who I Am works to change the way the world views special needs children by celebrating their unique gifts beginning the moment they are born. 

​A not-for-profit, I Am Who I Am, welcomes special newborns with heartfelt congratulations, the soft embrace of a baby blanket, and the assurance that we are here when they need us.